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Our Flat

We recently moved into this purpose built development. Our flat is located in the first floor, that means the balcony and the two windows left of it. Haus von aussen
This is a mixture of room for guests and study as you can see from the amount of computerstuff that has set up camp in the IKEA Ivar series cupboard. Gästezimmer
May I introduce: the most comfy couch in the whole wide world. Even though we had to wait for 7 weeks, it was well worth it. The only problem was the fact that this thing did not fit through the living room door. Hence Fatima and myself spent a whole afternoon lifting it over the balcony into the living room (see picture 1). Needless to say that we are not going to move out of this flat anytime soon! Wohnzimmer
As you might expect, our apartment is equipped with digital TV and stereo. We even pay TV-licence! To the right you see a piece of the living room PC. Hifi und TV
Needless to say that we have a sleeping room as well. That means that we have a total of 3 rooms plus kitchen and bathroom. In britain they refer to this as 2 bedrooms. Only god knows why they count only bedrooms in a flat. Maybe not even he does. Schlafzimmer
Last but not least: A small storage with my fileserver. This cute machine holds 9 hard disc drives and a total of 0.7 terrabyte in discspace. I recently had to replace the power supply. It seems that the old one had trouble with 240 volt and the british plug. That concludes the tour through our flat. You did not see kitchen and bathroom but they are not worth it anyway. Server
Last updated: 2004-11-19

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